Medium CCTV DVR Lock Safe Box Heavy Duty DVR Protection 18″ x 18″ x 5″


  • CCTV DVR Lockable Safe Box
  • Dimensions (Approx): 18″ x 18″ x 5″
  • Fitted with a lock
  • 2 keys
  • Colour:  Black (very dark gray )
  • SAFE BOX with 12v FAN
  • 12v power supply included free
  • with 4 heavy duty bolts


DVR safe box video recorder enclosure is an essential element of many CCTV applications. The protection of DVR’s and the information being recorded is often overlooked at great cost. medium-lockable-box

By locking the DVR away not only protect the machine and recording from theft but have immediate management control over access to the machine. The police guidelines on the recording of a criminal event are very clear. A continuity of possession must be maintained to validate the evidence. If the DVR is left on a table or in a cupboard unprotected anyone can get to the recording, potentially endangering the evidence. the

It can be mounted on top of surfaces or wall-mounted with optional wall mounting brackets. The housing features heavy-duty 18 AWG steel frame construction with vented front and rear panels and a pre-installed ventilation fan for outstanding cooling characteristics. 2 rear cable access plugs are also included to allow easy cable routing. The front swing-out door comes with a pre-installed cam lock and key, and the top panel is removable for additional access to equipment and wiring. Comes in a black powder coat finish.

  • Super-strong steel constructionmedium-lockable-box
  • Front hinge down the door with 2 locks for extra security
  • The removable top panel allows easy access to the rear connections medium-lockable-box
  • Vented at sides for heat dispersal
  • Easy cable access entry at rear maedium-lockable-box

DVR Safe Box, lockable, Heavy Duty, CCTV DVR Protection

This product is ideal for keeping you CCTV recorder secure and helps to make you CCTV system data protection compliant by limiting access to the stored recordings. It can also be used for other devices that you’d wish to keep secure. It is made from heavy-duty steel and has two locks at the front. There are holes in the rear for your cables and connections and on the bottom so that they can be bolted down.

  • Dimensions:medium-lockable-box
  • Small DVR Lock Safe: 15″x15″x5″ (381x381x127 mm) the
  • Medium DVR Lock Safe: 18″x18″x5″ (457x457x127 mm)
  • Large DVR Lock Safe: 21″x21″x8″ (533x533x203mm)
  • medium-lockable-box
  • mmedium-lockable-boxedium-lockable-box


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