AJAX Alarm Kit 2 with Keyfobs-Hub 2 Plus


AJAX Kit 2 Cam Plus: Appartment with Keyfobs-Hub 2 Plus, MotionCam 2pcs, Door Protect, SpaceControl(Fob) 2pcs, HomeSiren (23325B-23326W)




WiFi, LAN + Dual Sim (4G Sim Card Slots)

Hub 2 Plus can manage up to 200 MotionCam detectors and deliver photo confirmations of alarms to users and alarm monitoring companies in just 9 seconds, even when it uses SIM cards for communication.

Motion Camera

Motion detector with a photo camera to verify alarms.

Door Protect

Wireless opening detector that notifies of first signs of room intrusion by means of a broken door or window.

Space Control

A key fob for controlling security modes.

Home Siren

Wireless indoor siren that loudly notifies of an alarm during detector activation.


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